When Life Gives You a SIGSEGV

A website for showcasing my projects and hobbies.

About This Website

This website is a collection of some of the projects I have done over the years. Many of the projects involve programming, while some include other hobbies that I enjoy. I want to be able to show the work I've done, and share it with anyone else who may be interested in it.

About Me

I'm currently in university for a computer science degree, although I've been programming since the era of Minecraft Beta. I learned Java through modding Minecraft by following online tutorials until I got a sense of what I was doing. After Java, I taught myself C with books from the library, and by spending many hours on the internet. I continue to expand my knowledge on different aspects of programming.

I really enjoy programming and find the logical and problem-solving aspect of it fun. I also really like to build things, whether physical or virtual.