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  1. Using the Converter

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When making my Game of Life cellular automaton, I looked online for some cool patterns to test out. There was a puffer-type breeder pattern (shown below) on the Wikipedia Game of Life page that I liked and wanted to try.

The problem was that my cellular automaton imports files with the LIFE 1.05 and LIFE 1.06 formats (descriptions found here), and there wasn't a text-based representation of the pattern given. So I ended up writing a program to convert pixel images to the LIFE 1.05/1.06 formats so they could be imported into other cellular automaton programs.

Puffer-type breeder that creates glider breeders as it travels.

Puffer-type breeder that creates glider breeders as it travels.

Using the Converter

To convert images, first import the image and select the color that the cells are.

The Image To Life Converter.

The Image To Life Converter (click to enlarge)

The survival and birth rules dictate how the cellular automaton will treat cells as being alive, born, and killed. The default is the normal rules for the Game of Life: empty cells are born when there are 3 adjacent alive cells, and cells survive if there are 2 or 3 adjacent alive cells. Any other number of neighboring cells will kill the live cell.

The Shrink option will determine if LIFE 1.05 formats should be shrunken down to smaller groups to save space. The Keep Align option makes sure that all cell groups are rectangular in the output file. The descriptions of LIFE 1.05 and LIFE 1.06 can be found here.

The converted LIFE 1.05 file of the puffer-type breeder pattern can be downloaded here:

file icon breeder.life6.3 KB