Minecraft Portal Calculator


Enter 3 coordinates to calculate the 4th coordinate:

Overworld start coordinates:

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Nether start coordinates:

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See the Minecraft Wiki Nether Portal page for more information.

Nether portals in Minecraft transport the player between two dimensions: the Overworld and the Nether. An interesting feature of the Nether dimension is that each block in the Nether is the distance as eight blocks in the Overworld, making it much faster to travel through the Nether and reappear in the Overworld at your destination. This 1:8 ratio applies to the x-axis and z-axis, but the y-axis remains a 1:1 distance ratio.

This is a simple calculator to determine where to place portals in the Overworld and Nether dimension to accurately appear at the proper coordinates. To use, fill in three of the four coordinates, and the calculator will display the location of the fourth coordinate.

For example, a player who wants to travel from x: 100 y: 52 z: 100 to x: 200 y: 52 z: 200 in the Overworld. The coordinates after entering the Nether portal created at the Overworld start coordinates are the Nether start coordinates. Pressing calculate would determine the Nether end coordinates to place the second portal to return to the Overworld, at the specified end coordinates.